pouchnation event, photo from facebook page pouchnation

stpblog.me-The festivals back at August 2017! Armed with an exciting line up off good food, exotic craft beers and wide array of activities. Held for four days started August 17th to August 20th at the iconic Marina Bay venue, the event seems like success to brought up the beery good time for its worldwide fans.

Brought up the Eat-Play-Drink-Repeat, PouchNation as the leading event management in Southeast Asia served not only a great beer, a vast variety of alcohol for the drink lovers, but also organize the event as the whole unforgettable experience for the guest. It seems the title of the festivals as one of the most anticipated events southeast asia managed to be maintained.

As the event already over, here are the things that we could only experience on the Beerfest Asia 2017 – the unforgettable-fun-weird things

Fans of insta-feed that came over the event festivals got a chance to witness the iconic unicorn beer by draft Denmark. The beer was served in a multi-layer pint of beers with different colours. A picturesque thing, wasn’t it?!

The other fun-weird thing that could not be missed was a beer yoga. Weird one hah?! Yeah the activity could only be experienced inside the event venue during the festival. Lead by Ms Dawn Sim, a professional yoga instructor and famous one on the practice. No need to be flexible as the activity being held on purpose to add up the fun, it was the detox to retox experience!

Aside from those two, the guests enjoyed and experienced a lot of new things. As the festival become the venue of the launch of more than 100 new brand of beers and ciders, the guests enjoy the privilege being the first one to taste it. Definitely a nights to remember!


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